Afternoons With Robin Harper

Weekdays 2pm – 7pm

You’re now driving home from 2-7 with a man who has an impressive history of awkward interactions with Rock Gods including :

Jimmy Page forcing him to delete a picture off of his phone because the star was pictured wearing reading glasses

Anthony Keidis nearly ending an interview because Robin’s first question was about the Tragically Hip

Alice Cooper talking at length about the Detroit Tigers because Robin wore a Detroit hat to the show..Robin is not a Tigers fan

Getting sick from the sushi he shared with Roger Hodgson

Bubbles freaking out because Robin broke the news to him that Rush was retiring

Cheap Trick asking if he was alright in the head after screwing up how to say Bodokon multiple times

Meeting a person named Lisa Loeb and saying “Wow! Like the 90’s one hit wonder?” Only to find out it was indeed the 90’s one hit wonder Lisa Loeb in front of him.

And having Jim Cuddy sign his old sweaty jock

Accidentally inappropriate. Turn it on and turn it up as Robin’s turned loose every weekday 2pm-7pm

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